translated from Spanish: With prevention and care actions, Morelia Government serves COVID-19 pandemic

Morelia, Michoacán.- With a firm position to implement the necessary actions, supports and measures, the Government of Morelia, headed by the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco, has faced the health contingency by COVID-19, where prevention, care and economic recovery, have been the fundamental pillars of the strategy followed to seek the well-being of citizens.
The Secretariat of Welfare and Social Policy, through the Municipal Health Directorate, presented a detailed report on all the actions that the City Council has applied to the pandemic, including health filters, sanitization days, epidemiological fences, health watch brigades, patient monitoring and screening.
The Government of Morelia, at the beginning of the contingency, deployed a series of health filters in the main 4 road points of access to the capital, as well as 3 in the Bus Terminal, 48 in municipal units and 11 in public markets; In addition, with the acquisition of special machinery, it carried out a thousand 312 sanitization actions in colonies, communities, holdings, schools, public spaces, religious centers, municipal, state and federal offices.
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In addition to the above, 29 epidemiological fences were placed in the same number of colonies, where 7,504 patients vulnerable to suffering were detected, who were given special advice for their care; for their part, with the implementation of the tours by the health watch brigades, 14 thousand 411 establishments were visited, to verify the application of the protocols necessary for their operation and were delivered among the population, more than 10 thousand liters of antibacterial gel and 50 thousand water covers.
At the same time, through the Municipal Health System, which consists of the 39 medical units, distributed in colonies and communities, among which the Municipal Poniente Clinic “Dr. José Pilar Ruíz Neri”, a comprehensive and free service is offered to the population, in addition to having a laboratory of clinical analysis, making it possible to apply 401 screening tests , between PCR and rapid, as well as the follow-up to 1,452 patients over the phone.
Finally, the Ministry of Welfare and Social Policy has carried out complementary actions such as the delivery of food supports, kits and 39 epidemiological censuses, in order to ensure the protection of the morelians.

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