translated from Spanish: Turk Garcia on his worst stage: “I should be dead 15 years ago”

Claudio “El Turco” García had an outstanding career in football, but in his personal life he failed to live it as he wanted: he was addicted to drugs. This situation led him to perform many actions of which he repents today and held him with a blunt phrase: “I would have to be dead 15 years ago.” The former Racing footballer who shines on MasterChef Celebrity today was present on Andy Kusnetzoff’s show, Podemos Hablar, and revealed some experiences of the hardest stage of your life, when his father passed away: “What about my old man? Yes, if I’d put drugs in his chest and taken it when he died. It was like him because he left me. He couldn’t say goodbye to me because he didn’t want to see me wrong so he always went where I was and asked the doorman if I was okay.” He added, “Then I didn’t forgive myself for that. Today with therapy and with those things I got over it,” added El Turco, who summed up his experience with drugs with a very strong phrase: “I would have to be dead 15 years ago.” He concluded: “I say that with drugs I lost my dignity. That’s why I’m grateful for what I’m living, I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest, I love that people recognize me on the street, I’m known thanks to people. I am grateful for life, of the people and of all those who helped me. In 2006 I was for the cemetery, to be seen, and today I am happy.”

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