translated from Spanish: PS parliamentarians demand urgent redress on victims of human rights violations after social outburst

Parliamentarians of the Socialist Party made an urgent call to the Government to incorporate in the budget discussion an effective reparation for victims of human rights violations that occurred during the social outburst.
One was Senator Isabel Allende, who said that there are «several international reports that have highlighted worrying violations of HRDs in our country after October 2019. And in that sense the State must seek not only justice, but also reparation. It is of the utmost urgency to consider such redress, especially in the context of the current budgetary discussion. It is also important to strengthen the INDH in truth and justice, as stated by its director, Sergio Micco, in the Joint Commission. We must really move forward on the violations of HRDs that occurred after the crisis, where the INDH is the impartial body that can give us the light to move forward with this commitment of our State and that these facts are not repeated again.»
For her part, the president of the Commission on Human Rights of the Chamber of Deputies, Emilia Nuyado, added that «there is a need for moral and economic reparation for the hundreds of people who were mutilated or lost an eye. We’re talking about a lot of people who because of this lost their jobs or can’t work. But justice must also be done for them.»
In the same way, the Member joined the call that «detainees during the Social Outburst may leave prison for the duration of the investigations. Here we talk about people who have not been convicted but who have been locked up for months, without being guilty yet. They are mostly young students and workers who have been unable to choose any benefit, who are only in prison for demonstrating against the model and the system,» Emilia Nuyado said.
Manuel Monsalve, deputy member of the Finance Commission, said that «the government of Sebastián Piñera has shown no commitment to victims of HRD violations in the context of the social outburst, the product of violence carried out by police repression. Congress approved 2.203 million pesos for a full reparation program for victims of eye injuries and to date only 127 million pesos have been occupied.»
«That is why, in the context of the 2021 budget discussion, we will demand that the government show a real commitment to the more than 8,000 HRD victims and the 3,000 injured by gunfire. For this there must be more resources in the health program that allow to establish a gloss that allows repair those victims who suffered injuries and have some degree of disability,» Monsalve said.
Finally, Senator Carlos Montes stated that «there cannot be an analysis of what has happened in our country this past year without understanding that there is a need to establish, as a state, a just and necessary reparation for hundreds of people who suffered human rights violations after the outbreak.»
«Without this reparation, there is no possibility of understanding ourselves as a society. We cannot move forward if we do not understand that there was a social outburst here, there were demonstrations of citizenship that led to a constituent process, and there were human rights violations that must be repaired urgently,» he concluded.

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