translated from Spanish: Rodrigo Delgado assumed as the new Minister of the Interior: «I have a very social imronta»

The former mayor of Central Station, Rodrigo Delgado took over on Wednesday as Minister of the Interior. The militant UDI, resigned from the communal headquarters hours before arriving at La Moneda responding to the call of President Sebastian Piñera.Su occupation in office was made after the resignation of the portfolio by Víctor Pérez, after this Tuesday the constitutional indictment against him was passed in the Chamber of Deputies. In this way, Delgado becomes the fourth holder of Interior, of what goes the second term of Piñera.After the end of the ceremony, the new interior holder referred to his tenure as mayor of Central Station and thanked the support of other communal chiefs of the country. In addition, he said it is a «charge that requires a major challenge,» adding that «I have to mark a style. It’s not the same being mayor as being a minister. There are many things that can be rescued (…) I have a very social imronta, very much connection with people. That’s the style I want to mark here,» he said. Besides, he insisted that «it’s been a tough year. While it’s true, you’re very tired, I have to turn that style into this charge.» Asked about the scenario that is lived in La Araucanía, he assured that it is a territory that «deserves and needs peace. Dialogue is fundamental.»

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