translated from Spanish: Maradona: a case of coronavirus detected on the floor where it is interned

As usual, Leopoldo Luque showed up at noon to report Diego Maradona’s medical part and confirmed that the coach showed improvement again and that he refused for his team’s tie against Vélez. However, the concern now was on the other hand and a fear growing at this hour. A short time later, the Covid-19 protocol was activated at the Olivos Clinic and in the afternoon it was confirmed that a patient on the same floor as the “10” tested positive after presenting symptoms compatible with it. Faced with this, all the alarms were set on and the future of the “Wolf” coach is analyzed there.

At the moment, there is no official communication about it and different alternatives are handled. One of them has to do with moving the positive to another floor or the reverse, that it is Maradona who is transferred to prevent it from being infected. On the other hand, you can think of a transfer from Diego to another medical institute. Luque had been very optimistic about the picture, but by starting treatment for an “abstinence box,” as he detailed it, they practically rule out the chance that he could be taken home to Brandsen to continue recovery with localized medical care.

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