translated from Spanish: UNAM experts forecast COVID vaccination in second half of 2021

CoVID-19 vaccination campaigns could be implemented in the second half of 2021, once those currently in phase three are ready; that is, in research in large populations, they considered specialists of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
They noted that the number of vaccines being developed is encouraging, just waiting for the completion of the study processes.
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Mauricio Rodríguez Alvarez, professor at the Faculty of Medicine and spokesman of the University Commission for the Care of the Coronavirus Emergency, detailed that there are currently 38 phase one vaccines in the world; 14 in phase two (in more than 30 countries including Mexico); and 11 in phase three (studies in large populations, tens of thousands).
Of these, six received emergency clearance, in Russia and China, which can be used on a limited basis, detailed in a statement. 
“The development of health products has strict and well-established regulations, many regulatory steps must be met at each stage, particularly in phase three studies, which determine whether the vaccine is safe and effective,” he said.
Samuel Ponce de León Rosales, coordinator of this University Commission, explained that an optimal vaccine has to be safe, with the fewest side effects; effective, with positive response in more than 80% of cases; avoid any infection, of one or few doses and its production should not be industrially complex.
So far, he clarified, none has completed his journey, although there are considerable advances in laboratories such as AstraZéneca with the University of Oxford, whose local production will be tested in Mexico and Argentina.
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Referring to the significance of vaccines in humanity, experts noted the need to develop them in the country. “The State should make consortia and participate as a partner of institutions. It’s a matter of the utmost importance,” Ponce de León said.
University researchers commented that Mexico should increase the budget for vaccine production, as well as substantial contributions and infrastructure support.
Rodriguez Alvarez narrowed that vaccines are one of the most regulated tools in the medical field. “They are safe, effective and necessary.”
In this sense, Ponce de León added that they are individual prevention, although they have collective effects on the population. “The efficiency of vaccinating should be in textbooks.”
Ponce de León suggested that at this time, without precise treatments and without vaccines, it is essential to maintain the permanent use of mouth covers when going out on the street, avoid meeting in large groups, as well as preserve hygiene measures: hand washing and gel use, as well as healthy distance.
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