translated from Spanish: Julio Gaxiola gives the court an appeal of nonconformity

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- After the refusals that their form has received to aspire to the leadership of the Stasasa union in Salvador Alvarado, they decided to make an appeal of nonconformity before the court of labor of the municipality, so that they can value the situation so that they can have the possibility that the voting process will be called and in this way the plan of Julio Gaxiola López , you can compete.” Our intention is not to come and divide our guild, we are only seeking our right as unionized in a process to how it had been given all the time. That another criterion has been applied today which is affecting us is something else, but here we have an instance where we can be allowed another opinion.”  
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He reported whether or not it was favourable, they would be more happy to deal with the decision.
Gaxiola López, said that the form of his partner Yuriria Zepeda Corrales, is already working on his campaign and inviting his colleagues to exercise their vote.  “The vote is going to be open to those who go to vote or want to express their support for us.”  For his part, Martín Alfonso López, president of the Tribunal, reported that by Wednesday, November 25, an answer will be received.  Finally, although the votes will take place before the answer comes to light, the date of the vote can be revoked and postponed. This is based on the arguments that have been embodied. 

Original source in Spanish

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