translated from Spanish: His neighbors saved his life: an old man waited for an ambulance that never came

Tomás Andrusko, a young man from the Santa Margarita neighborhood of Bahía Blanca, told Uberto’s story on Twitter and went viral.

He’s my neighbor, he’s 96 years old and for a few days he’s had general discomfort. Last night I called the ambulance, they came they took the pressure and temperature and left.
Today I get to feel so bad that I call 107 asked for help closed his house and went outside waiting for a + — Thomas (@tomasandrusko)
November 20, 2020

“He is my neighbor, he is 96 years old and for a few days he has general discomfort. Last night he called the ambulance, they came, they took his pressure and temperature and left. Today he came to feel so bad that he called 107, asked for help, closed his house and went outside waiting for an ambulance that will never arrive because he is called by an alleged doctor who asks him a thousand things that he can’t even answer from tiredness and they spend the burnt potato from hand to hand so as not to send anyone,” the 18-year-old said. Receiving no answers, he decided with his family to move his neighbor on his own.” We have neither the tools nor the knowledge to help him, he presents symptoms of COVID and they give us a thousand turns from all over not to come; they’re letting a person die on the street, with symptoms and no one takes over,” Andrusko added on their Twitter account. “Double beard and gloves and we have to take him in our personal car to the hospital because no one comes,” the young man said. The young man added that “the worst thing is that as I was told this happens to all the elders, it is not an isolated case, this they do with all the elders who have a minimum discomfort. I’m coming home totally outraged.” Finally the young man added to the Twitter thread that from health authorities contacted him to investigate why the ambulance did not arrive.

I also spoke to the director of the 107 in Bahía Blanca thanks to the broadcast and is looking for the mistake why the ambulance did not arrive, does not solve anything but the concern is appreciated and it is appreciated that I investigate — Thomas (@tomasandrusko)
November 21, 2020

In dialogue with TN Thomas’ mother, who also became involved in moving the old man to the health center, detailed that “everything started the night before when I went out to store my car at eleven o’clock at night and met Grandpa at the door. It was late, I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he had called the ambulance and that he had been waiting for 40 minutes.” The woman added that “we stayed with him for about half an hour until the ambulance came, they checked him out there at the door and left him because they said he had nothing.” Apparently it was an arrhythmia and that’s why it lacked the air. Today we associate everything with COVID, but in reality he couldn’t breathe, he was very agitated and that’s why it was believed that it could be coronavirus,” said the young man’s mother.
“The next day at four o’clock in the afternoon, when it was very hot here in Bahía Blanca, Thomas is found back on the verge about to fade and that’s why we put a chair on it. And at that moment we took over and said ‘whatever God wants’, but the reality is that we couldn’t leave him alone,” Marcella concluded.

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