translated from Spanish: Together for Change Against Everything: Virtual Sessions, Alberto and the “gnoquis”

Virtual sessions in Congress aroused all kinds of criticism and impossible-to-explain situations. Between Internet outages and scandals, the village representatives managed for a while, but now from the opposition they raised criticism for the return to the compounds. Together for Change he took the voice in this criticism and several references put the opposite of this situation. “This is not because of the pandemic, this is for the automatic quorum. This request for explanations is to the Presidency of the Nation, which is afraid of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner,” Waldo Wolff said. “He said he was going to put the gnoquis of La Cámpora in prison and partnered with the gnochi of La Cámpora,” he said.
Before the discussion of the main project of the day that cuts co-participation funds to the City, several deputies of Juntos por el Cambio presented issues of privilege, civic coalition mp Juan Manuel López questioned officialism by calling for special sessions from Friday to Monday. By this decision he said: “I increasingly doubt that you can be political and the Front of All, that you can be democratic and the Front of All. They are an army of sumissive soldiers, who do not dare a person: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner”.
Fernando Iglesias, for his part, continued his hard work towards virtual sessions. “It’s the umpteenth session at the Massapalloza. He was quoted in an embarrassing manner. This Massapalloza was going to be free. It cost us millions without a tender, without a contest. They gave it to a friend and that’s it. Months ago I filed a request for reports that was never answered.” We want face-to-face sessions and not trout with exceptions. A face-to-face session is a session in which the only Members present are those present, where there are no Members linked virtually to whatever excuse. That’s the way it’s always been and we want it to be,” he said.

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