translated from Spanish: Inauguration of the integral rehabilitation of Raza Azteca street of Lomas de Santiaguito

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement the city council of Morelia reported that the colony Lomas de Santiaguito benefited from the integral rehabilitation of Raza Azteca street. The municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco inaugurated this road that had an investment of about 6 million 800 thousand pesos. The building was recognized by the manager of the order, José Manuel Banderas Soria, as an integral action that will help the economic development of the area and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of it and the neighboring colonies.
He emphasized that paving with hydraulic concrete, change of luminaires, construction of sidewalks, planters, are part of the intervention carried out by the municipal administration of the Government of Morelia with the work seal of the mayor, Raúl Morón, «transparent, honest, zero moches, zero corruption, an example at the state level and national level», for which he thanked the intervention and recognized the management of the councilor , Rubén Pedraza Barrera, to attract works such as the integral rehabilitation of Raza Azteca street.
For his part, the municipal president, Raúl Morón, decided to transform all the spaces close to the people into popular colonies and the rural area that allow a more equal development in the society of the municipality, recalling that in the northern area near Lomas de Santiaguito 32 million pesos have been earmarked for road regeneration, while the current interventions of the rural roads continue this week with 6 different teams of work for the 14 tenures.
Morón Orozco highlighted his honor for being able to run a municipality like Morelia and demonstrate that it can be done in another way «without doing business, serving society» and that despite the pandemic no public work, social programs have been stopped and progress has been made to pay off the debt of the municipality and leave it paid off at the end of its municipal administration, in addition to the end of this month it is planned to start with the public work of 2021.
Likewise, the councilor, Rubén Pedraza Barrera, assured that the work of the municipal president, Raúl Morón has remained in the guidelines and management of public resources with zero corruption, without moches and a close work to the people.
Regarding the integral work of Raza Azteca street, he said that it will be an important connection with the market, the temple and the schools, which will allow people to give back the pleasure of serving the Morelians from the Municipal Government.  At the same time, he recalled that the nearby investments to rehabilitate roads in the area have been public works in circuito Educadores and Apóstol de la Raza Maya streets.
Finally, the Secretary of Urbanism and Public Works, Mario Rodríguez Loeza, stated that the delivery of the road before referring to citizenship, in Lomas de Santiaguito, is a work of transformation of Morelia by taking more care of the pedestrian, users of bicycles and having a rainfall collector of 600 linear meters for a better collection of the vital liquid derived from the rains , has sidewalks, furniture, rehabilitation of street lighting, drainage networks and drinking water, all with an investment of about 6 million 800 thousand pesos in 350 linear meters.
In turn, the Secretary of Mobility and Public Space, Antonio Godoy González Vélez, pointed out that works such as Raza Azteca street are buildings for passers-by to circulate safely, especially older adults and children, as well as recovering the public space with more than 180 cement benches for better coexistence, 16 trees were planted and it has 11 infiltrating gardens and improvements to the public lighting for greater security.

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