translated from Spanish: Mediavilla recounted the time Karina the Little Princess went to her studio with the Kun’s dad

Oscar Mediavilla and Karina the Little Princess don’t get along at the 2020 Singing, and it’s been evident. In fact, the jury said he even thought about quitting for that reason and that the production could manage without him. Under that context, Mediavilla revealed that she did not always get along with the singer, without going any further a while ago she had approached him to ask her to produce her a record.

“He once came to my studio with the kun aguero’s dad to tell me that they wanted to make a record and that he thought I was a producer I could rate,” he said in The Previous Singing,” I received them in my studio, I have a very nice studio, and had a coffee. It was like a rapprochement to start talking about whether or not something could be done. We sat down, Karina said she intended to record a record, but she wanted the record to be drum-free and wanted to run off the cumbia,” she detailed about the encounter.” I told him that I thought it was okay, but that I had to think a lot, because if you have success in the tropical move and overnight you want to do the Norah Jones to all that audience you leave paying, it’s a whole job,” he explained. Then they left and I never saw them again, I didn’t keep up with them,” the music producer finally said.

Original source in Spanish

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