translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Vitami releases the first single from his new album

Creator of jingles, the voice of Nea in “Pulentos” and national rapper with her already second album in tow, Vitami released a few days ago the song “Despertar”, in which she invited bronko Yotte to collaborate.
On her second album, titled “Eternity”, the rapper advances that has a very different sonority to the first (“This is it”). “I wanted to go back to my organic roots in the background: closer to drums, bass, acoustic guitar… All live. I really like the sounds of black music in general, i.e. rhythm and blues, soul, funk, reggae, as well as rap itself,” he explains.
He adds that the “forced foot” was that, to make a fusion of all the rhythms where he has always felt more comfortable, versus what happens with the electronic. “I’m looking forward to playing all the tracks on this record live,” she acknowledges excitedly.
Also in “Awakening”, as you say, you can tell a lot about the fluidity of rhythms.

Yes, it’s still been a bit like in my artistic head. It makes me laugh a lot because I did that on Spotify the other time, which shows you which music you heard the most in the year, and I think mine was like Mozart and Leonard Cohen. And I sing rap, so I like rap, metal, funk and I think I try, or what comes out more natural, is that, to combine styles. I don’t have any prejudice. In fact, for example, the Wandering Cuckoo, who played all the guitars with us, told him that I liked guitars a lot like the music that came out in the old West movies, that kind of guitar reminded me of the far west, the desert, and in many of the songs you can hear some riffs that are like this style. Now, it’s like, “What does all this have to do with it?” for that’s who I am. That’s my project.
How did you decide to slowly release the album and also have its own cover?

That’s a grace to have such good friends working with one, one of them is called Fab Ciraolo, who is a giant artist, and he offered to make me be covers. And I let him go. He is so good that he can create unimagined worlds. And when the cover came, I was expecting a cover, but a cover came for each single. Impressive.
Your career with We’re Cabros Chicos, with Acid Sound is still parallel, isn’t it?

yes, right. Well, with the Soni we know each other ago… I don’t know, like 18 years old, I don’t want to say a lot of numbers or we’re going to feel very old (laughs). Soni also has a long solo career, we formed together Somos Cabros Chicos, which is the official band of Pulentos, and we also do many commercial jingles for children, which is a facet that I like
What sets you apart by singing in Somos Cabros Chicos and being Vitami?

Nea’s particular voice is a little sharper, she also sings other things… The artistic voice too, the Nea is like more chora, more achorá’ and goes super direct. Vitami is the other way around. She doesn’t speak that sharp, but she’s more delicate. I am much more delicate than Nea (laughs).
The group was to be in Lollapalooza for the third time this year, but by 2020 it ruined everything.

No, you’re dying for what it was. It was super sad because we were with the Foji doing an amazing job with Christian Lorca, the director. Because the Foji was going to play with us, imagine, 70 musicians on stage reversing the songs and working full, creating the melodic, rhythmic lines for an orchestra, imagine that. We were all like this, working on it, excited, starting rehearsals and suddenly realizing that we weren’t going to be able to be on this live show.
Have you considered doing it in any other way?

I don’t know. The thing is, these orchestral jobs require a lot of rehearsal. And a lot of live rehearsal. And in general it has to be in enclosed rooms. I don’t think it’s impossible, but I can’t imagine much of the situation.
But it’s still a standby idea.

Yes, anyway. I don’t refuse not to happen (laughs), because imagine what it’s like to have, listen, that is, to have live bass music, by Mozart, imagine what that is but singing rap songs. Imagine what it’s like to be able to listen to philharmonic hip hop, it’s a beautiful thing. I don’t want it not to happen.

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