translated from Spanish: $268 billion in the hands of a single Chilean?

$376 million is a fortune that hardly anyone can easily earn. Barely footballers such as Lionel Messi or Neymar accumulate such a sum after years on the court and dozens of advertising campaigns. That’s why from Arica to Punta Arenas Mega Millions tickets are being sold non-stop through a website that acquires legitimate tickets for this week’s draw, as there is talk of the possibility of obtaining a prize equivalent to $268 billion pesos in a single night.
Who sells tickets in Chile?
Until very few years ago it was impossible to participate in foreign lotteries, but since began trading 18 years ago there are already dozens of Latin Americans who have won prizes through this new internet portal that broke all borders when it comes to winning the lottery.
With a network of more than 20 offices worldwide and an operating license in the European Union, theLotter guarantees the purchase of official tickets from almost any lottery, including those of the Chilean Charity Cock, giving people across the country the opportunity to participate in the US Mega Millions that this week could hand over $376 million to a Chilean.
What happens if a Chilean wins?
When a user wins through theLotter, the company has all the expenses for the person to travel to the United States to claim the official ticket, and also assigns him an attorney also paid by the company, who advises him when collecting the prize. According to Andrés Fernández,’s spokesman for the Hispanic market, there are currently thousands of Chileans have used the service, opening up the possibility that someone in the country already has in their possession the winning ticket of $376 million.
That’s how they’re participating from Chile

Is it legal in the United States?
Keep in mind that no law in the United States prohibits a foreign citizen from collecting a lottery prize. The only requirement to claim the money is to be the bearer of the paper ticket that theLotter puts in the hands of the winner, because all that the American government requires is that taxes be paid, and for this they do not require a social security number, since the money obtained is the product of a draw, and is not related to any work that has been done on American lands.
As for local laws, clarifies that it is not a lottery operator as it does not make the draws or pay out-of-pocket prizes, is only a certified courier service specialized in the purchase of official tickets from more than 50 lotteries around the world and even sells on its portal the lotteries of the Chilean Cock of Charity to Chileans living abroad.
Is an American visa required?
In case the winner does not have a visa to travel to the United States it is necessary to take into account that the American lotteries wait up to a year for the user to make the formalities and collect the prize. In addition, the customer can transfer the ticket for a family member who can move to the United States.
When it comes to prizes under $200,000, deposits the money into the winner’s bank account, wherever they are.
Can this website be trusted?
TheLotter’s messaging service has been operating for 18 years and has been mentioned in renowned media outlets in the United States including NBC, CNN and the Fox news channel, who have reported foreign winners who have won big prizes in the United States without ever stepping on American soil. has handed over $102 million to more than 6 million users in Panama, El Salvador, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Russia and Australia, among the most relevant winners is a Panamanian retiree who claimed $30 million, an Iraqi who earned $6 million and a Salvadoran who lacked a single number to earn $1.5 billion , and who charged a $1 million secondary prize.
The Chilevision channel also mentioned a few days ago the Service of theLotter

Paying taxes
Winning the world’s biggest lottery prizes involves paying taxes in the United States, but the accumulated one is so large that even after the deductions of law the sum to be received is immense.
Whoever wins the Mega Million that is at stake through theLotter would get approximately $205 billion pesos (US$ 287 million) to spend them however you want and that is why this portal is one of the most visited in Chile these days, because with the net amount of money available the lucky one and his family will have their economic situation resolved for several generations.
How much is it worth participating in the $376 million? offers a minimum of 3 tickets for a total price of $15 ($5 dollars per ticket) and that value already includes the commission that the portal charges for its courier service. When someone gets a cumulative, the company does not charge any commission on the prize won.
Winners Portfolio
Users’ assurance that theLotter actually delivers official tickets is its huge portfolio of winners, including people from all over the world, including Panama, Colombia, El Salvador, Canada, Russia, Australia and Spain among others. In it, everyone is hidden by a mask, because of the risk of revealing the identity of the one who has earned million-dollar sums of money.
Upcoming big draws
The next $376 million Mega Millions award will be drawn tuesday night while the $363 million Powerball draws Wednesday. Anyone can purchase their legitimate tickets at The sale will be open on the website up to one hour before the draw to ensure the purchase of official tickets.
Payment Methods offers in Chile recognized payment alternatives including VISA, Master Card and Diners Club cards.
Terms: is operated by Lotto Direct Limited, a company licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (License: MGA/B2C/402/2017 issued on 01/08/2018). Service for adults only. Gambling can be harmful if not controlled. Please play with responsibility. For more information, visit the Malta Responsible Gaming Foundation:

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