translated from Spanish: With Reinaldo Rueda still on Chile’s bench, Pablo Milad nods to Argentine coach Hernán Crespo

Not even the Chilean national team coach has left his job and THE PRESIDENT of the ANFP, Pablo Milad, is already talking about possible new coaches of the ‘Roja’. Although Reinaldo Rueda is negotiating with the Colombian national team, his departure remains an unknown, but not so much for the helmsman of the rectory, who set a date to define the future of the Caleño strata and begins to look at various profiles for chile’s eventual next strata.
“We have a limited time to define the Wheel situation, we must mark a roadmap in case of your departure. It should be as fast as possible, if you don’t decide to continue, we must bring a DT. The deadline is until December 31,” he said in conversation with DirecTv.
Regarding the possible departure of the coach of the ‘Roja’, Milad emphasized that “if Rueda decides to return from Colombia, we all understand the risk of negotiating elsewhere. We will have to talk and reach consensus.”
On relations with the Colombian, the president of THE ANFP stated that “we have never had a problem with him, we have talked all face to face”.
Milad talked about the profile of the eventual new ‘Red’ technician. “He has to be a guy with a lot of ambition, of wanting to win in a very short time. It must be a Spanish-speaking DT, which shouldn’t have a great period of adaptation,” he said.
He added that “he has international experience and I hope he has been to a World Cup, which is a reference and inspires respect in the players.
On the consultation of the possible arrival of defense and justice coach and former Argentina striker Hernán Crespo, Milad said “it’s a good name.”

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