translated from Spanish: Vladimir Putin’s luxurious gift to Veronica Ojeda

Mauro Braudy, Verónica Ojeda’s current partner, since the death of Diego Armando Maradona became the voice of the last son of the football star, Dieguito Fernando, just 7 years old. In an interview he conducted for LAM, the child’s lawyer said that each of the idol’s children can be dealt as they want the objects of ten and talked about a very special gift that remained in the hands of his girlfriend Veronica Ojeda.After Barby Franco asked him if it was true that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Diego a golden tree The lawyer claimed it and said Veronica still keeps it: “That was given to Veronica many years ago. Veronica, when she was with Diego, they gave him like every woman who went with Diego, they give him gifts. It’s very small, it’s a present, very small,” he said. 

Also in the note he assured that he will go with everything against Matías Morla, who made headlines again this morning after sending a letter document to the minor, and who is the current owner of several brands with the name of the footballer.  “Not only are we going to take out the Maradona brand, we’re going to prosecute it to get it back and we’re going to go all the way to the last consequences. We understand that there was an abuse of his power as a proxy to give up trademarks.”

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