translated from Spanish: Designation of Rocha Moya in Morena provokes reactions

Sinaloa.- The National Regeneration Movement (Morena) in Sinaloa announced its candidate for governor by 2021. After contending against thirteen contenders, Rubén Rocha Moya was the one. Some public figures commented on this for Debate, including partisan leaders and officials. There are divided opinions, among which stand out the voices of opponents who describe the candidacy as a «dedazo», of weak and worn image.
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On the other hand, neutral views were presented, which accept Morena’s decision, such as Senator Imelda Castro and Federal Deputy Yadira Marcos. Not so the morenist Gerardo Vargas Landeros, who was said against that designation.

I will support all morena candidates: Imelda Castro Castro, Senator of the Republic
Referring to Rubén Rocha Moya’s candidacy for sinaloa’s gubernatura as a correct designation, Senator Imelda Castro, who also aspired to this position by Morena, ruled out that she would go looking for some other nomination, and assured that she will support all candidates her party appoints. She remembered that she is a woman of ideas, of project; a woman of utopias, who pursues justice, transformation and well-being. She even stated that she will remain a senator, that she has no interest in participating in any other candidacy.» We must help Sinaloa really have a change, an alternation, and above all a transformation, with which we have been committed since 2018.» Yadira Marcos backs Rocha candidacy
Federal Deputy Yadira Santiago Marcos secured her full support for the appointment of Rubén Rocha Moya as Morena’s candidate for the governor of Sinaloa.La also an applicant for candidacy called for militancy and citizens to join, because she says that the most important thing for this 2021 is to get the PRI out of the Sinaloa government : «We will be working to strengthen the first time governed by a left-wing party in 2021, and in this case it would be by Morena. That is the commitment that we will be adding to be able to achieve this great event that is coming.» He added that regardless of where he was, he would always seek to strengthen the party. Rocha is a worn candidate: Sergio Torres Félix, MC’s pre-candidate for the gubernatura
The pre-candidate of The Citizen Movement to the governorship of Sinaloa, Sergio Torres Félix, assured that Rubén Rocha Moya, morena’s candidate, arrives at the worn-out contest and not with a voice of his own, but with a proposal that is surely the same as that of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and that is sinking into the country. «And whoever serves two amos, like Rocha, who serves López Obrador and Quirino, with some will be wrong,» said the ex-mayor. Torres Félix insisted that Rubén Rocha, former chief of advisers to Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, is at the service of Sinaloa’s economic and political interests. «I will rule for the Sinaloans, not for AMLO or Quirino. I will be accountable to the Sinaloians,» said former Fisheries Secretary.The Sinaloenses elected me as their candidate: Gerardo Vargas Landeros, An aspiring to Morena’s candidacy
Mario Delgado broke the principles of the Morena party and committed a robbery to the Sinaloenses designating Rubén Rocha without the support of the people who gave me the first place in all national polls,» gerardo Vargas said Landeros.Al to speak out after the official announcement this afternoon, where the appointment of the senator by the national leader of Morena was made known He said: «The Sinaloans chose me as their candidate, and I challenge Mario Delgado to show the polls where he relies for Rocha’s cheating election.» He added: «I am discussing my legal and political options to defend the decision of the Sinaloans.» Gerardo Vargas reiterated his engagement with the president of the republic. Ready to beat any opponent: Jesús Valdés, President of the PRI in Sinaloa
After the appointment of Rubén Rocha as Mor’s candidatesinaloa’s gubernatura, Jesús Valdés Palazuelos, state president of the PRI and aspiring candidate for his party’s candidacy for the gubernatura, assured that regardless of who the opponents are, as a party they are ready to win in the 2021 election.Valdés Palazuelos advanced that, according to the internal PROCESS of the PRI, because it is up to them to nominate the standard-bearer to the gubernatura in the coalition with the PAN and PRD , it will be January 22 when they make the candidate known. He even anticipated that in Sinaloa the appointment will be by delegates, and on the issue of parity the proposal is that it is a man who is elected, a decision that would be made on Wednesday night. Rubén Rocha was Morena’s best decision: Aurelia Leal, Mayor of Guasave 
«Undoubtedly, it is a very wise decision by Morena in proposing as a pre-candidate to the governor of Sinaloa Dr. Rubén Rocha Moya, a left-wing politician with a very clear vision of what Sinaloa requires in his yearnings for progress, in accordance with the postulates of the Fourth Transformation. Rocha Moya goes ahead as a result of a democratic process where various profiles of valuable characters were analyzed and put on the table that must now be added to a project called Sinaloa. Today is the time to join forces and wills in the goal of Sinaloa giving a rudder blow, framed in the ideals of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and is directed by the course set by the federal government for the benefit of the most unprotected sectors». They are not respecting my rights: Luis Guillermo Benítez, Mayor of Mazatlan
Hours after meeting the nomination of Rubén Rocha Moya as Morena’s candidate for the governor of Sinaloa, the mayor of Mazatlan and aspiring to the same candidacy, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, published a video in which he denounces that his rights are not being respected: «What happened today in the CEN of Morena moves me to continue in the fight. I know we won the polls (to define the candidacy),» he said. «I will fight, as the president of the republic (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) did at the time to prevent the PRI, which does not yet die, from still affecting Sinaloa.» He announced strong measures to stop the betrayal of the people of Sinaloa.Rubén Rocha fought for his appointment, and succeeded: Alba Virgen Montes, President of the PAS in Guasave
«The Sinaloan Party is respectful of the nominations made by the other political institutes, and the appointment of Master Rubén Rocha Moya by Morena is their decision, as there were several candidates, and he fought for his appointment, until he achieved it. The PAS, as our leader, Master Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda, has said, is ready to participate in this electoral contest by having a consolidated structure, and is also open to common candidacies, as the law points out, and in Sinaloa there are parties that did not make coalitions in the state, such as the Labour Party, Green Ecologicalist Party , Brunette and Citizen Movement». Rocha’s designation to the PRI takes care of us: Dulce María Ruiz Castro, President of the PRI in Ahome
«The appointment of Morena’s candidate to the pri governor’s candidate keeps us careless, since he is not a relevant and current character, as he once represented. Today there are new leadership that has even formed a state party. As a senator, he is from andrés Manuel López Obrador’s wave, so I don’t think he represents a candidacy strong enough to win. For our part, the PRI, we are moving forward: agreeing on the alliance and consolidating our unity with our supporters and today our allies, uniting efforts and experience.» The process was an electoral «dedazo»: Ariel Aguilar Algándar, President of the PAN in Ahome
«The process in which Rubén Rocha Moya was appointed as a candidate for the gubernatura by Morena was a very unsealed process, a «deedazo», a large voter finger that is putting him as a candidate for the Government of Sinaloa. The morenistas are completely divided, a party without structure, and a militancy completely confronted and found. They got atole with their finger. They were sold pure fallacies, where they were told that by a democratic method the candidate was to be appointed. Lie. It didn’t happen that way, and what they once criticized, which on other occasions shouted at the four winds that wasn’t going to happen in their party, today is the ultimate representation in Morena: the Dudedazo, the designation by a large voter finger by a tlatoani. Morena is a divided party, an incongruous party, and most of them are a crouching militancy.» They were not wrong to choose Rocha Moya: Claudio López, Regidor de Mocorito 
«Senator Rubén Rocha Moya is an excellent candidate, and I congratulate To Mario Delgado, national president of Morena, for this consultation process, and we invite him to continue in the next processes so that all candidates for certain positions will be strengthened. Consulting and asking people is something the country needs a lot, and how good that Morena is doing it. A good choice has been made, and I believe that in 2021 we will have a top governor in Sinaloa. Morena was not wrong, as Rocha Moya is a very good candidate. Now what is coming is to work in the unit, because I believe that all the applicants there were are important paintings in Sinaloa, and they must join the project.» I think with Rocha Moya we will win: Patricia Dautt, Regidora de Morena in Salvador Alvarado
«I am much calmer, because our party has already decided who will be our candidate. Actually, I always respected the decision of my party, and I think with Rocha Moya we’re going to win in Sinaloa state. Besides, I’m sure he’ll be a candidate who’s going to represent both us, the members of Morena, and all the Sinaloans. Let us hope that Rocha Moya will carry out the Fourth Transformation, which is what our president of the republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has sent us and instilled in us as a message. I hope that he will follow the same path as the president of the republic so that Sinaloa will also have a good change, just as the country has been having.» Angostura is ready to provide support: José Luis Beltrán, Councilor 
«Welcome, Rubén Rocha Moya, and let us hope that he will come and summon the unity of the morenist militancy», was the reaction of the regidor of Morena in Angostura, José Luis Beltrán Astorga, to know the official announcement of the candidate of Morena for the bernatura in Sinaloa.The now candidate is perceived as a figure that covers expectations. In the opinion of the edil Beltrán Astorga, on the trajectory behind Rocha Moya, he said: «He is a simple man with a good track record. But we always thought he could win the Morena bernatura, regardless of the candidate chosen. The fundamental thing is that it calls for unity.» It stated that in the municipality of Angostura militancy was ready to provide support and team up around the National Regeneration Movement project.

Original source in Spanish

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