translated from Spanish: Dalma Maradona demined Luis Ventura’s information with a lethal question

The information was given by Luis Ventura, who claimed that Claudia, the youngest of the daughters of Doña Tota and Don Diego Maradona, would have had difficulty entering the Bella Vista cemetery where her brother’s body, Diego Armando Maradona, is located. 

For this reason, Ventura says, she was late for entry until security obtained authorization from Gianinna Maradona who enabled admission. However, Dalma Maradona went out to deny the journalist’s date with some furious tweets. “I spoke to the people in the cemetery and they confirm to me that NEVER A SISTER OF MY DAD HAD PROBLEMS TO ENTER SINCE ALL YOUR BROTHERS AND CHILDREN ARE AUTHORIZED! So tmb is a lie that Gianinna had to authorize entry! Don’t lie @LuisVenturaSoy, ” he threw furiously.

But he continued with a hesitation, so he asked an almost rhetorical question and tucked the journalist:
 “It’s exhausting to have to listen to the lies you say @LuisVenturaSoy! THE QUESTION IS, do you lie because you get paid to do it or just because you hate us FOR NO APPARENT REASON?”

In the Maradona world there were always sides, allies and enemies, friends and cons, and even though the footballer is no longer among us, the war never ceases. 

Original source in Spanish

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