translated from Spanish: 25 communes in the country retreated to the quarantine phase on Thursday

As reported on Monday by the health authority, changes to the Paso a Paso plan will be implemented from today. As of this Thursday, it went from 18 to 42 communes in quarantine, reaching 3.8 million people confined. In particular, these are the communes of Mejillones and Antofagasta (Antofagasta), San Vicente (O’Higgins), Teno (Maule), Talcahuano, Hualqui, Concepción, San Pedro de La Paz and Chiguayante (Biobío), Renaico, Victoria and Galvarino (La Araucanía), Valdivia, Los Lagos y Río Bueno (Los Ríos), Quellon, Calbuco, Dalcahue, Castro, Ancud, Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas and Osorno (Los Lagos) and Aysén (Aysén). On the other hand, from the 05 hours today, the Coquimbo region in its entirety, went to the preparation stage. Transition was recoiled by the communes of Arica (Arica and Parinacota, Pica y Pozo Almonte (Tarapacá), in Atacama, all the communes went to preparation, except Diego de Almagro, Copiapó and Tierra Amarilla, moved to Transición.A Transición also pass in Valparaiso the commune of Zapallar, Calama in Antofagasta, Santa Cruz Chépica and Las Cabras in O’Higgins, Sagrada Familia, Yerba Buena, Linares and Constitución , pass to Transición Quillón and San Carlos and in La Araucanía, Gorbea. In Los Ríos, the communes of Mafil, Futrono and Lago Ranco pass to this stage, in Los Lagos the commune of Hualaihué and in the Metropolitan Region, the communes of Recoleta, Buin and La Pintana.

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