translated from Spanish: Twitter defends Trump veto, but admits he sets a «dangerous precedent»

Twitter manager Jack Dorsey today defended (14.01.2021) the suspension of the account on that platform by US President Donald Trump as a correct decision but at the same time sets a dangerous precedent on a global, free internet.
The decision taken after the violent assault on the Capitol starring the president’s followers was the right one, but such a ban has «significant» ramifications and, in the long run, can «erode» the purpose of an open internet, Dorsey notes in a series of tweets.
«Having to ban an account has real and significant ramifications. While there are clear and obvious exceptions, I believe that a ban is our failure to promote a healthy conversation. And a moment to reflect on our operations and the environment around us,» the American entrepreneur said through his account.
Twitter CEO also stresses that «this is a time of great uncertainty and struggle for many people around the world» and says his goal is to move towards «greater understanding» and «a more peaceful existence on earth.»
After ensuring that he does not celebrate or be proud to have veted the US president, Dorsay stated that the measure was taken after a «clear warning» and based on threatened ones arising, both outside and within the social network.
His message comes after Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account last Friday in the face of «the risk of further incitement to violence.»
Trump had issued more than 55,000 messages over more than eleven years and already had 89 million followers on that social network.

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