translated from Spanish: Underground parties: The complaint involving candidate for mayor by Quilicura

On Sunday, January 3 at 15:00 hours, Carabineros of the Eighth Hill Police Station arrived at a house in the Chacabuco sector where there was a meeting – a party involving a total of 64 people, according to the police report. Among the attendees, according to the account of several witnesses and an audiovisual record, was the owner of the house, Mario Alvear Gilberto, who in addition to being councillor of Quilicura competes as an independent for the mayor of that commune.
Only one detainee is included in the background held by the Chacabuco prosecutor’s office, but Alvear is on the list of assistants. The candidate, according to sources consulted, invited the families of the members of a sports club of Quilicura to spend a day of recreation, but was denounced to Carabineros by the neighbors of the house, which was reached by 4 people from the Seremi de Salud.  According to an audio recorded by one of the assistant carabinieri, Alvear was defiant with the troops who went to the place, ensuring that he had another house where he could do the same.
Alvear four years ago resigned from RN. At some point he was bequeagered from Chile Vamos to include him on the list for the mayor of Quilicura, but finally – as explained on the right – he signed up only before the Servel, out of pact, after gathering the necessary signatures to support his candidacy as an independent.
Asked by El Mostrador, Mario Alvear strongly denied that he participated in the event in the middle of the pandemic: “I have not been to any such party and this is because they want to harm me and denote me only by a political issue”.

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