translated from Spanish: The fall of Joaquin Lavin, Matthei’s expectation and the possible eruption of Briones

There are a few months left for it to be defined who will be the presidential flag bearer on the right, and there are several letters along the way, in addition to Mario Desbordes by RN.
In the UDI, which still in public fits behind Joaquin Lavín, it is privately recognized that his candidacy is increasingly deflated. And although he removed the political board with his announcement that he was not going to re-election as mayor of Las Condes, everything indicates that this would be nothing more than a bet, of uncertain result, for trying to resume his delicate leadership in the sector.
The «Brutus stab» would be nailed from the sectors linked to Andrés Chadwick and the current UDI President Javier Macaya, who have signaled that they want to open spaces in the party to Sebastian Sichel, as a joker in case Lavín ends up collapsing.
This ignited the mood and led Jacqueline van Rysselberghe’s sector to support the other pre-candidate UDI, the mayor of Providencia, Evelyn Matthei.
The one who still believes in Lavín’s presidential aspirations is Ernesto Silva, son of the late samurai and squire of the Building of Las Condes, who tries to keep the figure of the mayor firm in his party, together with Gonzalo (Pollo) Muller, husband of the current SECRETARY General of the UDI, María José (Pepa) Hoffman.
Regarding Evopoli, today Blumel’s party, he finds he is in a situation where he fails to lift a strong card, as Felipe Kast’s name does not i fire. This has raised internal doubts as to whether he is best suited to a right-wing primary, which is why in recent days he has been gaining strength in the name of the current Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, who would be available to be the party’s standard-bearer, some sources point out.
If so, he would soon have to resign from the ministry and it would be another blow to Piñera, who would lose – at a bad time – his secretary of state in charge of the tax wallet.

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