translated from Spanish: Daniel Casalnovo’s hard story interned by covid: «I doubt he’ll get out of this»

Designer Daniel Casalnovo had to be admitted to the Los Arcos clinic for contracting the Covid-19 virus and shared his hard experience: «I doubt he’ll get out of this,» he said of the difficult situation he’s going through. 
The dressmaker, who spoke on Saturday about his state of health, expressed concern: «Good afternoon. I’m sorry to tell you that I’m interned, went to work at the coast and grabbed COVID-19, so unlucky that I have arrhythmia in my heart and pneumonia. I have no sense of smell and I don’t like it,» he began saying in a video posted on Instagram.
The designer of recognized media career, continued: «I’m on an artificial respirator and if I take it off I can’t talk. I speak now that they take care of themselves, so that they try not to take it just like that… It’s not a normal disease. It did me very badly and it’s making me lousy. I don’t know if I’m going to see them again or what.» In the video several celebrities and characters of the show expressed their support for Daniel, whom they wished much strength and a quick recovery. Among them, French Bethlehem, Nicolas Scarpino and Claudia Ciardone.» Take great care, I’ll send you a huge kiss. I’m in (the Sanatorium) The Arches well taken care of, but I doubt you’ll get out of this. I’m really sick and I never thought I was going to suffer so much,» Casalnovo concluded.
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