translated from Spanish: Ricardo Anaya announces he will seek to be a presidential candidate in 2024

Panista Ricardo Anaya announced that he wants to compete again for the presidency of Mexico in 2024, so he declined the request for National Action to be a candidate for a multinominal federal deputy. 
In a message posted on his social media, Anaya Cortés said: «I decided not to accept my party’s generous invitation to be a multi-nominal federal mp. I am convinced that my role must be another to help things get better,» he says in the video.
He added that he will start a tour across the country so his place is not in «a grandstand or in an office, but in the street, in the community, with the people.» The panista announced that he will tour a thousand municipalities to hear the people feel.

I appreciate the invitation to be a multi-nominal Member, but I think my role must be another to help. I will support this year’s campaigns and want to tour all over Mexico again to listen to people and focus on the 2024 presidential election. Better times will come!
— RicardoAnayaC (@RicardoAnayaC) January 18, 2021

«When the time comes, if life and circumstances allow me, to re-participate in the presidential election, and that is that I am convinced that another six years with a government of Morena would end up destroying Mexico, irretrievably affecting the lives of millions of people, and we must not allow that,» Anaya Cortés said.
The panista said the 2021 election is important, but the 2024 election will be «crucial.» He said that even if he is not a candidate next year, he will support his party’s flag bearers.
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Anaya said that although he will not be a candidate in 2021, he will support candidates from his party, as he said, «a real counterweight in Congress to deal with this incapable and lying government.»
Ricardo Anaya contested in the 2018 elections as candidate of the PAN, PRD and MC alliance, against Andrés Manuel López Obrador, of Morena and José Antonio Meade, of the PRI.
In those elections, Ricardo Anaya won 108,000 fewer votes than Josefina Vázquez Mota, who in 2012 placed PAN until third place in the election. 
Considering only the votes for the white guy, Anaya barely surpassed diego Fernández de Cevallos in 1994, bringing the party to levels more than two decades ago.
The Queretano won 12.6 million votes from the three parties that nominee, out of a total of 89.1 million potential voters on the nominal list. By contrast, Vazquez Mota had achieved 12.7 out of 79.4 million voters; Felipe Calderón won with 15 out of 71.3 million on nominal list; and Vicente Fox took 16 of the 58.8 million citizens who could vote.
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