translated from Spanish: 37,000 basic-level students record in lag in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- In Sinaloa state there are 37 thousand students of preschool, primary and secondary education in lag, recognized Juan Alfonso Mejia López, Secretary of Public Education and Culture.Added that with the support of teachers they are looking for this population to integrate them into teaching.
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These students could be helped through Community Learning Centers, but it does not mean returning to face-to-face classes in bulk, the official said.

Read more: Today, last day to pre-register online in Sinaloa for basic educationThere is option to regularize students of slow learning and lag but the entity is required to lower covid-19 cases, be at yellow traffic light and allow the National Health Council, since during a pandemic it is the only authorized authority to say when classes are resumed in the classroom. He reiterated that when Community Learning Centers were allowed, it would be voluntary for participating schools and teachers would work with 9 students maximum and schedules of 45 minutes to 1 hour and not every day. Mejia Lopez stressed that it is still distant to return to school and should already be at green traffic light. Read more: They look for students to avoid deserting or repudiating the school year in MazatlanThe work in the distance since the past school year and part of it has provoked tedium in students and even some teachers. He asks them for patience and continue to work from home, with the support of parents and teachers to whom he recognizes his dedication. Some go to their students’ homes and work outside their schedules. Regarding mentor vaccination, the official said it is a program run by the federal government, but all education workers will be immunized.

Navolato health personnel demand Covid-19 vaccine

Original source in Spanish

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