translated from Spanish: Camila Salazar told why she moves to Spain: “We want a better quality of life”

Camila Salazar was a network trend all day yesterday, because she decided to post on her instagram account a representative amount of objects, which she put up for sale with the legend: “I sell everything. I’m going to fuck off.” 

After finishing off all the objects, Luciana Salazar’s psychologist and sister revealed the reason that led her to make the decision to move to Spain, with her husband. “We made the decision within three weeks of the quarantine, but since I’m the youngest of my sisters, they never took me too seriously. They underestimated me and finished becoming aware now,” he acknowledged in By If the Flies (The Eleven Ten). On his future in the European country, he said that he does not yet have a job there, but that they aim to achieve it and to be able to have a better quality of life as the economic situation begins to weigh on him.” The reality is, I’m leaving out of work. I’m out of work and it’s not that I have nothing to do, but the situation is very complex. Here inflation kills us and I, at 29, suddenly had to say ‘che I’m not going to have children because I know I’m not going to be able to support them,'” he admitted. Soon his virtual punchline (which he called “Cami’s merchandise”) was a success and sold any number of appliances and objects such as discs, mirrors and even a loop.

Finally, he said: “My husband has something on his hands that is not 100% confirmed. But we decided that whatever happens we’re going to hit him forward,” he said.

Original source in Spanish

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