translated from Spanish: Angel de Brito confessed: “I met few people more miserable than Analía Franchín”

This Friday, in the midst of a debate about Diego Maradona’s expenses every month, Angel de Brito, together with Yanina Latorre brought up several anecdotes involving former panelist Analía Franchín. It all started when Yanina referred to the electricity expenditure that came to Rocío Oliva last November: “But what does it do? How does it light up? 18 thousand mangoes!” noted the outraged panelist. That’s when Latorre recalled an anecdote from Masterchef’s finalist: “I remember Analía Franchín one day got 10,000 pesos of light, almost kicked out all the employees, and made a fuss,” he said.  Angel joined the commentary and said, “Almost infarta! Remember Analía loosened the pumps so they wouldn’t spend? At the time, the panelist and influencer acknowledged that Franchín has unconventional methods and commented, “I remember he put a helmet on the husband’s chauffeur, like that of the workers, with light to read the diary; because it was so expensive to turn on the light.” 
 De Brito interrupted the infidence and said: “I met few people more miserable than Analía Franchín, who sent him a big kiss. Because Analía is miserable, she’s not careful.”

But Yanina, he hired the reporter and came out in defense of her friend: “No, she’s not miserable. She’s careful,” she threw. And De Brito provided more evidence: “Here he told me that he traded expensive noodles, for cheap ones. She can buy the noodles the husband wants.” Giving Yanina the foot to complete the information: “The same thing she did with the milk candy, they wanted the ones in the expensive glass jar, so she bought it one day and then she bought the cheap one and stuffed the jar, I love her so much, she’s a genius,” Yanina concluded a few laughs and indignation. 

Original source in Spanish

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