translated from Spanish: Congress call to comply with Eldorado municipality

Sinaloa.- Eldorado complies with everything necessary for the municipality to be carried out in Sinaloa, so the process should no longer stop, said Jesús Alberto Cambero Castro, municipal trustee. The municipal staff said that the legal part is no problem so that municipalization is not done because all the people are authorizing in addition to that they have grown geographically.
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The idea is that it is an austere municipality and what we are now permanent and the commission has already approved that it be carried to the plenary and now it is to be expected that the congress will do its part.»

Read more: Eldorado is ready to be a municipality of Sinaloa, say inhabitantsInsure that since 2018 the commitment was made to the citizenry that the municipality would be done and three years have passed and nothing has happened. He mentioned that he hopes the opinion would soon be resolved as the elections approached and they did not want the situation to be contaminated with electoral issues.» We want congress to do its part and the commitment that Eldorado did effectively requires municipalization.» Read more: Grant grace period to companies to uprat antiplastic law in Sinaloa

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