translated from Spanish: CABA: Quirós and Volnovich to discuss PAMI affiliate vaccination

PAMI Executive Director Luana Volnovich will meet today with the Minister of Port health, Fernán Quirós, to internalize on the city’s coronavirus vaccination scheme. As reported by PHIM in a statement, the meeting follows that “the Port Government reported that it had convened all social works and prepay,” although PAMI received no invitation.” I asked Fernán Quirós for a meeting and we are going to make it available to vaccinate those in need, regardless of whether or not they are PAMI-affiliated persons,” Volnovich said.

The director of the agency stated that “PAMI is the largest social work in Argentina. At CABA alone, it has more than 100,000 affiliates and affiliates over the age of 80 and 300,000 over the age of 70, and until now we were not called to vaccinate as reported by the Port Government.” PAMI is currently carrying out the vaccination campaign in more than 2,000 residences in the Territory of Bonaerense. At the request of the provincial authorities, the social work is immunization of residents and health personnel performing their duties in these institutions.

Finally, it was indicated that PAMI works in a “coordinated manner with national, provincial and municipal authorities to provide the accompaniment that territorial reality demands”. In this regard, it was indicated that the social work already trained more than 1,200 people under the Expanded National Immunization Program, to carry out in a timely and form the COVID vaccination plan 19.This week, at a press conference, Quirós said that, the Government of the City “opened the possibility for prepaid people and social works to participate in the vaccination campaign” , after being criminally denounced for an alleged privatization of the allocation of vaccines to health operators. Quirós in his disclaimer had said that the Executive of Buenos Aires “signed an agreement with each of the entities to guarantee us that this is in this way”, alluding to social works and prepayments.

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