translated from Spanish: What’s the meaning behind airplane dreams?

Most of the time, dreams represent a reflection of our personality or the situations we’re going through. This time we’ll tell you what it means to dream of a plane, what comes to mind when they ask us what a plane means? The aircraft is undoubtedly one of the greatest symbols of freedom, but does it augur the same when this aircraft appears in our dreams?
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According to the astrologer Mario Vélez, dreaming an airplane can have different meanings, although these will always be associated with what the aerial artifact represents for humanity: freedom and elevation. Read more: What does it mean for cats to appear in our dreams? If we dream of an airplane it means that our thinking is extremely free, that is, we are not square minds. In addition, it can denote our ambition to achieve a high socioeconomic position or status, as the aircraft rises above the clouds.

If dreaming of an airplane effectively represents our internal desires to have a better social position, this will also be showing us that such a level we want to have it not only economically, but also in the professional and intellectual sphere. Read more: What is the meaning behind dreams where strangers appear? For your part, if we dream that we are going as passengers on a plane, be careful this could tell us that we are being very passive in our lives, so you will be inviting us to take the reins of everyday life. If we dream that we are driving the vehicle, it means that we have enormous self-control in the decisions we make. Finally, if we witness the plane plummeting, it means our little security and confidence in the goals we have set ourselves by developing fear that they will not be realistic and fail in an attempt to achieve them.

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