translated from Spanish: Morena guarantees triumph in 25 municipalities: Raúl Morón

Huetamo, Michoacán.- The national leadership of Morena is conducting the survey with which 25 winning nominations will be defined for the same number of municipal presidencies, for the elections that Michoacán will live on June 6, emphasized the state coordinator in Defense of the Fourth Transformation, Raúl Morón Orozco.
On tour this Sunday in the municipality of Huetamo, Raúl Morón went to precandidata and pre-candidates of Morena in the region, to show them that, based on a level playing field and in a framework of total transparency, the party founded by the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is about to define 25 candidacies in municipalities that stand out for their electoral profitability.
«Surveys for 25 municipalities are already running, which is where there are more voters, and we will continue to move forward because unity candidates are already being built in many places,» stressed the need to maintain unity among the aspiring people registered in the Process of Morena, in order to strengthen victory in the bernatura and in the largest number of federal and local presidencies and districts.

As state coordinator in Defense of the Fourth Transformation in Michoacán, Raúl Morón called to prioritize the unity of the militancy of Morena towards the electoral process to come, but above all to respect the results that come from the survey that is being carried out, under the firm objective of strengthening the presence of the candidates who are elected.
«The people across the street want to divide us, but they’re not going to make it, because we’re going to show that the project that was born through Morena is stronger than any personal interest, we’re here to rescue Michoacán from the government mismanship of those who today oppose our state’s transition to a real transformation,» he said.
In the company of deputy Antonio de Jesús Madriz Estrada, Raúl Morón took advantage of his visit to Huetamo to reiterate that he will continue to work for the unity and structural strengthening of Morena, in order to ensure the consolidation of the Fourth Transformation in the following elections.

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