translated from Spanish: Red Cross needs to activate fundraiser to raise funds

Guasave, Sinaloa.- The Red Cross delegate in the state, Carlos Bloch Artola, announced that the annual fundraiser is about to be collected to raise financial funds so that it can continue to cover the expenses and services demanded by the institution, as they have entered crisis. He detailed that the collection is a decision that is made at the national headquarters, depending on the conditions in the country, but if not, they plan to do some activities, which are not the proper part of a collection.
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What was done before was to be boating, but now it would be about organizing raffles, seeing how that result can be reached to obtain resources,” he said.

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At a press conference held yesterday at the Red Cross facility, the state delegate made official the presentation of Manuel Othón Cruz Burgos, as the new president of the Board of Trustees in Guasave.
In that sense, and as was done virtually, and let’s say that with a little haste, we didn’t want to put it aside,” he said.

“Red Cross, as you know, is an institution that is its fundamental part is humanitarian and is always looking to alleviate people’s pain and save lives, every day, 24 hours a day, as Manuel Othón said right now,” Bloch Artola said. , the collection is carried out.
If not, we will look for alternatives, precisely to send resources to the institution and to continue to provide the service, as Mexicans and Sinaloans deserve it,” he said.

He acknowledged the work of the Council that has been being done for a year now, and from behind there is a record that they have done great work and events, unfortunately there was a goal for 2020 which has just completed, a very ambitious goal of collecting, throughout the state. Unfortunately, the pandemic theme didn’t let them carry it out. Read more: DIF Guasave protects 9 minors traveling alone to the United States”The pandemic doubled our work and doubled our costs, so we are faced with a complicated financial situation, as they say later, what does not kill us strengthens us, we are in all the spirits of being able to achieve those goals that we set ourselves”, concluded Carlos Bloch.

Law House donates 900,000 pesos to Sinaloa Red Cross for victims

Original source in Spanish

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