translated from Spanish: Women’s protest on CDMX arrives at the Zocalo without facing cops

In Mexico City, mobilizations on the occasion of International Women’s Day began around noon, amid a strong security operation.
The first march was scheduled at 1:30 p.m. with a starting point at the Revolution Monument to the Capital Zocalo.
However, minutes earlier, a group of women dressed in black were surrounded by CDMX cops, between Paseo de la Reforma and Hidalgo avenues.
With the passage of the minutes came more policemen, adding a six rows of officers (all women) surrounding the protesters.
In the face of this, another group of women arrived at the site demanding the release of their companions.
The CDMX police made a fence over Paseo de la Reforma making it impossible to get to the point where they have the protesters surrounded.
On this fact, the CDMX Security Secretariat reported that this action was taken to «remove objects that jeopardize the safety and integrity of participants or transiting persons».
In a statement, the unit noted that the women surrounded carried hammers and other objects generating violence.»
The SSC-CDMX said it has a dialogue with the protesters, with the presence of visitors to the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City, to deliver these objects and continue on their way.
They assault journalists
While this was happening abroad, inside the Hidalgo Metro station, four journalists who would cover the march were assaulted by CDMX policemen.
One of the aggressive photographers shared a video of the moment of the assault.

Prior to the coverage of the march through the #8M, three companions and I were assaulted by the police @SSC_CDMX inside the Metro. From the beginning we identified ourselves; yet they beat us, threw us away, handcuffed us and held us. @Claudiashein @MetroCDMX
— sashenka (@SashenkaMiss) March 8, 2021

After the case was disseminated, the SSC-CDMX reported that the women assaulted were already testifying before Internal Affairs and that the police involved were suspended.

At this time four of the people assaulted inside Hidalgo del @MetroCDMX station, testify in #AsuntosInternos, investigation folder was started and the police involved were suspended in what the investigation is carried out.
— SSC CDMX (@SSC_CDMX) March 8, 2021

Strong security operation
Meanwhile, in Paseo de la Reforma and Avenida Juárez more policemen joined, many of them with fire extinguishers.
The group of women who gathered at the Revolution Monument managed to break the wooden fences that protected the enclosure to the cry of «We all went!»
The first contingent, made up of about 20 women, left the Monument to the Revolution shortly after 1:30 p.m. This group was guarded by hundreds of police officers.
Meanwhile, the second group of protesters broke some glass and made some pints at the crossroads of Av. de la República and Paseo de la Reforma. The policemen present only observed these acts.
At the demonstration there are also relatives of victims of femicide who demand justice from the capitalist authorities.
Photo: Patricia Ordaz.
At the height of Fine Arts, in the Antimonumenta, the protesters placed the phrase: Mexico Feminicida and immediately advanced towards 5 de Mayo Street.
Others threw paint at the area’s monuments with water pistols.
As they entered on May 5, they shouted the slogans, «Police, listen, your daughter is in the fight!» and «A rapist will not be governor!»
The group advanced to the capital Zocalo without seeing its passage hindered.

#Marcha8M | Women protesters managed to enter the esplanade of the capital Zocalo.
— Political Animal (@Pajaropolitico) March 8, 2021

Already on the zocalo iron, the protesters gathered in small groups and sang with their hands up showing off their banners.
Some members of the march beat a couple of cohetones above the fences, towards the National Palace and others hit the metal fences.
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Original source in Spanish

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