translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] College of Teachers challenges the Government: “There are no conditions to continue with face-to-face classes”

During this day Carlos Díaz, president of the College of Teachers, again questioned the Government asking for the suspension of face-to-face classes in the country, this after reaching this Saturday the highest number of daily contagions since the beginning of the pandemic in Chile, with 7,084 new cases in the last 24 hours. In this line, and through a video broadcast on social media, the president of the teachers guild noted that the figures “undoubtedly account for a catastrophic situation that we have today at the health level in our country” and added that “It is also noted that there are only 198 beds available for patients who may be in serious and life-threatening conditions”. Days further stated that “it is undoubtedly that these figures leave us dismayed by what we are living in” and emphasized that “it is not possible, on the part of the Government and authority, to continue to make us believe that we are in a logic of normalcy, when clearly what we have is an absolutely uncontrolled pandemic”. The president of the College of Teachers was clear in noting that “Today it is life that is in danger, the lives of teachers, assistants, students, citizens, Chileans and Chileans. That is why we reiterate the call that there are no conditions to continue face-to-face classes in the few schools, high schools and gardens that are in that condition today”, and recalled that “with figures lower than we have today we were without face-to-face classes and without the obligation for workers to go to the workplace.” Finally, Díaz noted that “It is criminal that today the assistants of education, teachers and teachers of Chile are forced to attend the workplace without the conditions and this pandemic, as it is, is clearly a danger to the lives of all.”


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