translated from Spanish: Jimena Sanchez falls in love with her new photo with her dress

Mexico City.- Jimena Sánchez had a day of photo shoot on this Tuesday, April 27, where I find it so beautiful and sweet to wear a dress breaded colo coffee, that in just a few minutes it has become prone to look very beautiful next to the orange background. The driver of the sports network Fox Sports decided to visit her photographic space to look as beautiful as the other days, and in less than an hour of posting this note, the image on her official Instagram account already contemplates the top million likes. 
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Hundreds of heart emojis, a dozen heart-eyed faces and several commentators of flattery and love are the ones that are read in the inbox of Jimena Sánchez’s photograph, where her tattoo on her arm is the right combination in her post just like her necklace. Read more: Erika Fernández surprises her followersJime has been active on social media since yesterday when she shone in a charming swimsuit, which mottled beautiful sunflowers in a film of her for her social media, showing unparalleled adventurous eyes and fleshy lips. 

The model is at its best in its social environment after being one of the figures with an incredible number of followers, specifically with the 8.2 million, those who always wake up with a smile when seeing Sanchez’s photos and dedicating a brief message of beautiful day and night. 
Read more: Daniella Chavez impacts her followers with transparencies Jimena sweetens the hearts of her followers and every day dawns even more beautiful than she was in previous days. Her photo could exceed five million likes, and a severe amount of up to 2000 comments, given that she has always shown herself to be a woman from her feet to her pretty cebeza and beautiful face. 

Original source in Spanish

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