translated from Spanish: New restrictions: city accesses that will be closed

The Minister of Security reported that the closure of some accesses to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires located along the general avenue trace Paz.La would be coordinated with the Port authorities, told TN that “the City fully agrees with the importance of closing those accesses from 20, not the rest of the day” , which “helps to have more rigorous controls on the movement between the two jurisdictions”. He still clarified that the Port authorities raised that they would not close all accesses “but some points of General Paz and some on the Riachuelo”, and that it would be from this Saturday. They also announced new operatives at the Constitution station to maintain social estating at peak times: “There are exits or entrances to the station that are closed today and what we are going to do is open them and multiply the police presence to control. Also make some device with fences outside to contain people and warn them of esttachment,” she said. For his part, on the validity of driving permits obtained during the past year he said: “There is no decision made to drop the existing permits. Either by the Care app or those printed, those that citizens have in their possession are effective.” Frederic said that since 9 April, when the President had the new restrictions to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, some 54 vehicles were hijacked and some 1800 offences were broken, some of which may lead to criminal prosecution, which will depend on Justice.Access to CABA:
La Cahila Crossing
Crossing September 11, 1888
Superí Street Bridge
Departure from Av. Gral. Paz (collector) by Albarellos
Concordia Crossing
Descent Av. Gral. Paz by Bahía Blanca
Griveo Street Crossing 
Down to Gral. Paz by Benito Juárez
Gral. Peace Descent through Brussels
Gral. Peace Descent by Nazarre
Crossing by Dr. A. Roffo
Ibarrola Crossing
Lower Gral. Paz by Ibarrola
Chávez Street Crossing
Descent of Av. Gral. Paz by Martínez de Hoz
Descent of Av. Gral Paz by Pizarro
Bosch Bridge
Old Pueyrredón Bridge

Position 1: Av. Vélez Sarsfield and Luzuriaga (Victorino Bridge of the Plaza)
Position 2: Av. Rivadavia and Cusco
Position 3: Av. Francisco Beiró and Ostend
Post 4: Av. San Martín and José León Cabezón

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