translated from Spanish: Directors will give a debate talk about “Carroceros”, documentary of fans of “Waiting for the Chariot”

If reading phrases like “Where’s My Friend?”, “Three Empanadas”, “What doubts it fits!”, “Who doesn’t know any Sergio?”, and the list could follow, you know which film we mean this note is for you. This Friday, May 7 at 9:100, Mariano Frigerio and Denise Urfeig will give a talk-debate about “Carroceros”, the documentary they both directed but not about “Waiting for the Chariot”, rather about what made it a classic for Argentine cinema, that is, about its fans, those who know the dialogues by heart, who every year meet and tour the locations of the film – such as the house of Mom Cora , the square and bar- which are located in the porteño district of Versailles.

The meeting that takes place this Friday in a virtual way, reaches just one day of the classic directed by Alejandro Doria in 1985 but based on the tragi-comedy of the Uruguayan playwright Jacobo Langsner, turned 36.

Because passions when they are lived collectively find other condiments, and because no work (personality or event) transcends without recognition, this talk is an opportunity to talk, exchange ideas and looks and why not, meet new stories and laugh again with the characters that interpertate Antonio Gasalla, China Zorrilla, Betiana Blum, Luis Brandoni, Enrique Pinti , Juan Manuel Tenuta, Monica Villa, Andrea Tenuta, Cecilia Rossetto, Julio de Grazia, Lidia Catalano and even Dario Grandinetti.

Talk debate with the directors of “Carroceros” | Photo: Your kindness

“Carroceros” has interviews with the original cast and follows the meetings and focuses on its real protagonists: the fanatical community of “Waiting for the Chariot”. The documentary premiered in February, when its directors chatt with Filo.News.
Original report of Filo.News”As in all fanaticism there is some madness in bodybuilders but it is cute madness. In encounters they have fun, they become friends. They created a community. There is a lot of humor and talent: talking to the phrases of a film is very difficult and they do it with great naturalness,” Denise Urfeig told this medium.” Beyond the humor he has, ‘Waiting for the Chariot’ is a deep criticism of society at the time and that remains totally in force so it continues to cause grace and interest (…). The interesting thing about Jacobo Langsner is that he portrayed him with humor, so that it remains,” Mariano Frigerio, who besides director considered himself “carrion”.How to enter the talk?
To participate, enter here and follow the instructions.
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