translated from Spanish: Minister Delgado after council in La Moneda: “The President has asked the cabinet to continue working on the ground”

After the elections, President Sebastián Piñera convened a cabinet council for his ministers that took place from 5 p.m. It should be remembered that during the last day of the election the representative performed a harsh self-criticism after the defeat suffered in the elections. Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado referred to the council and noted that “we have to follow the path of governing, the President has asked the cabinet to continue working on the ground.” He also asserted “by more social safety net or vaccines, always people, he has the yearning to return to his pre-Covid life.” It also recalled the Executive’s financial support for people affected by the pandemic. Delgado emphasized that “we need to be on the ground, strengthen the relationship with people and connect more” and in that line added that “we have to understand that people’s expression, for us is sacred.” Regarding the weekend’s election, the Secretary of State stated that “we analyze the consequences of that vote, we also look at the importance it has for people for example to have the possibility of choosing new leadership or perhaps people who may not necessarily be of so-called traditional politics””That is a very strong message , very powerful, and it also has to do with the way we are relating, I insist, not only as a government, but also as a society, with regard to the sensitivity of people, their problems, their emotions, what they need, what they want and also what they deserve,” he added.

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