translated from Spanish: Archbishop calls to carry out a closing of campaigns in peace

Morelia, Michoacán.- Before this time of closing of campaigns in the present electoral process 2021, we make a
called to continue building bridges that favor truth, justice and peace, both for those who aspire to public office, and for all citizens in general, said the Archbishop of Morelia, Carlos Garfias Merlos.
A week before the elections, I call on the candidates to see politics as a true vocation of service, as Pope Francis states: “Once again I call for the rehabilitation of politics, which is a very high vocation, it is one of the most precious forms of charity, because it seeks the common good” (FT 180).
“It is necessary to provide man with everything he needs to live a truly human life, such as food, clothing, housing, the right to free choice of state and to found a family, to education, to work, to good reputation, to respect, to adequate information, to act in accordance with the right standard of his conscience, to the protection of private life and to just freedom also in religious matters.”
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I appeal, he said, to all Michoacans and Guanajuatenses so that at the end of this electoral process we go out to cast our votes and thus collaborate, dignifying politics, putting it at the service of the common good, human dignity and the family. Let us try to be well informed about the candidates, their track record, the results in the positions they have held; let’s analyze their ideology or political thinking, the projects they present and their viability, the team of collaborators, etc.
“Let us make a serious discernment about what is best for our States and our municipalities and leaving aside clientelism and political opportunism and vote buying; let us choose the best candidates who respond to the historic moment we are living in and promote the values of justice, love, peace and joy for the family, peoples, institutions; in short, promote a true fraternity among all, without discrimination.”
The Archdiocese of Morelia urged the chosen winners to fulfill campaign promises, and to always put the citizenry first, working to favor citizens, our peoples and communities, with programs that benefit and dignify them and that promote a true political and civic vocation.
Likewise, they called on the candidates who have not obtained the necessary votes to win the election, to look for ways to build dialogue, and to avoid violence and confrontation. That both winners and losers come together by proposing a citizens’ agenda; that they commit to implement if they win the election or to support whoever wins for the good of Michoacán, of Guanajuato.
“Let us pray together that this electoral process will end in harmony, peace, truth and justice, respecting our just differences, seeking reconciliation and unity above all things. We entrust this electoral process to Our Lady of Health so that the development of our Fatherland, Michoacan and Guanajuato is promoted by paths of justice and peace,” he said in a message to the religious community.

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