translated from Spanish: Video: a gigantic socavón in the middle of a field baffles all of Mexico

It’s Saturday afternoon and the Sanchez family is at home. A few meters away, there is the countryside. Everything goes on like any other Saturday, until a loud rumble surprises the family. At first, the Sánchezs think it is a lightning bolt, but soon after they find an image that at this time travels throughout the country: a huge hole had appeared in the middle of the vast expanse of land near their home. In less than three days, the gigantic sink went from 30 to 80 meters in diameter and filled with water, and the Sanchezes are now worried that the sinking, which is advancing at a dizzying pace, is approaching their home, where they have lived for seven years.

Video: @analita_vasquez”We had this, we stayed on the street. We have nothing. We are not from here, we do not have relatives, we are alone,” they said. Scientists and authorities are trying to determine the origin of the gigantic hole, between hypotheses about a geological fault or water variations of the soil.” We were seeing landslides through the overflight of drones, it is a phenomenon of nature, surely there will continue to be landslides, “said this Tuesday to the press the Secretary of the Interior of Puebla, Ana Lucía Gil.A as the socavón grows, large fragments of earth from the edge are released continuously, which scares away the curious who approach the security cordon that was established in the place.” It will grow until nature defines it, when the water stops exerting pressure, “said the governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa. “The important thing now is the safety of the people,” the official added, indicating that the authorities will compensate those affected.

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