translated from Spanish: Denise Rosenthal explains bond with Gabriela Mistral

When thinking about important women in her artistic development, Denise Rosenthal immediately mentions her mother and grandmother. «They are women who have forged my personality, who have seen me through all my experiences,» she says.
On the latter, Rosenthal does not subtract words. «She comes from the south, in fact she was known in the town of Traiguén for reciting poems,» she recalls.
And it is among the evenings of poetry that passed, in the words of the singer, from generation to generation, is that Gabriela Mistral came into her life, specifically under the verses of «We were all going to be queens».
«My grandmother recited that poem to my mom, my mom to me and my grandmother to me, too,» she adds. That is why in the album that marks a stage in his artistic career, as explained by the voice of «Agua Segura», the reference is made to the lyrical title.
«We will all be queens» is the title of Denise Rosenthal’s third and new album, which was in the process for almost three years.
«We were originally going to release it last year,» says the artist. «But with the pandemic it has been very complex to do. As everything closed, we have had to adapt and adapt to the circumstances and take the project forward however it is and at all costs, «he explains.
The album took its first steps with «Agua Segura», Have you noticed that it has changed your musical style from that song to the last one you wrote?

I don’t know if it’s changed, but it’s been evolving. I think in general all my work is to expose a little bit what’s behind the artist. I have exposed my process of evolution throughout my career, after all I started from a young age, all my internal processes have been shown, everything that has happened to me throughout my learning, people have seen it with my songs and I think this album is something super demonstrative about that. «Agua Segura» was the first song I wrote and the last one was «I fell in love with me» and they’re super different, but I think that shows my interests and my identity, that’s who I am.
Currently there is a boom of Chilean artists singing in son al empoderamiento and self-love, how do you see that music scene?

Each of these songs and lyrics helps as a grain of sand that forms a beach. I think it is super nice, I think it is important that you can make visible certain reflections and certain dialogues, especially today to be able to generate an industry and a cultural and creative space with more equity. I believe that the more we can generate spaces for conversation, the more we can make changes, not only internally, but everywhere.

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