translated from Spanish: INE ordered 30 influencers to remove videos in favor of PVEM from networks

The INE’s Complaints and Complaints Commission ordered 30 influencers to remove messages in favor of the Green Ecologist Party from their Instagram profiles. 
National television actors, singers and content creators in networks promoted the vote in favor of the PVEM in their Instagram stories this Saturday, during the official period of electoral closure. 
The Electoral Institute issued precautionary measures, ordering the PVEM to take the necessary actions to prevent the dissemination of the messages in question and to send evidence of having taken action in this regard within a period of no more than six hours from the publication of the communique.

The @INEMexico orders the PVEM and 30 influencers to cease the campaign to promote the vote on social networks in the middle of election day.
Today is the day of citizens’ decision, not of proselytizing. It’s against the law.
— Ciro Murayama (@CiroMurayamaINE) June 6, 2021

He also asked the account holders to delete those videos immediately and to immediately suspend the dissemination of messages alluding to the PVEM.
In response to the INE’s order, the party described the messages as “signs of support,” but invited its “supporters” to avoid any favorable messages during Election Day.

— Green Party (@partidoverdemex) June 6, 2021

The INE said in a statement that after analyzing the facts and the material denounced by the account @ whatthefffake, it concluded that it is a “propaganda campaign that can influence voters, which was carried out in the period of reflection of the vote, during which time it is forbidden to carry out acts of proselytism.”
The @whatthefffake account posted a thread on Twitter where they collect the videos of the 30 influencers – those who have thousands or millions of followers on networks – who declared their preferences for the Green Party. 

Thread of people who in the middle of the electoral ban are advertising in the @partidoverdemex.
“I investigated”, “I informed myself”, “in my opinion” = I was paid thousands of pesos to do mediocre and zero transparent advertising and I do not worry because in Mexico they do not regulate this.
— WHAT THE FAKE (@whatthefffake) June 6, 2021

Story videos – short posts that are deleted after 24 hours – consist of the same dynamic performed by all influencers.
They opened a space to allow questions from their supporters, and when asked who they will vote for, they answer that for the green party mentioning some of their proposals.
In addition, they tag the party’s official account on their posts.
The list of influencers who mentioned the PVEM in their stories, according to the INE document, is as follows:

Manelyk Gonzalez: manelyk_oficial 11.9M
Celia Lora: celi_lora 10M
Barbara of Regil: barbaraderegil 8.4M
Karime Pindter: karimepindter 5.7M
Sherlyn: sherlyny 3.4M
Grettell Valdez: grettellv 3.2M
Tadeo Fernandez: tadeo_acashore 3.2M
Fernando Lozada: fernandolozu 3M
Laura G: lauragii 2.8M
Alex Strecci: alexxxstrecci 2.7M
Mariana Echeverria: marianaecheve 2.5M
Raúl Araiza: negroaraiza 1.5 M
Brandon Peniche: penichebrandon 1.4M
Fer Moreno: fershymp 948K
Raquel Bigorra: rbigorra 860K
Reno Rojas: renorojas 829K
Lambda Garcia: lambgarcia 823K
Maria Fernanda Quiroz: ferk_q 706K
Jey: jey_acashore 674k
Regina Murguia: murguiaregina 589K
Miguel Martinez: miguelmartinezoficial 571k
Karla Diaz: karladiazof 564K
Ana Claudia Cabrera: makeupbyanaclau 514K
Kristal Cid: kriscid 463K
Romi Marcos: romimarcos 442K
Pamela Voguel: pamevoguel 166k
Sirpotasium: sirpotasium 99,9K
Julian Soto: jjuliansoto 88,2K
Marian Zavalza: Marian.zavalza 86K
Regina Bautista: 47.4K

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Original source in Spanish

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