translated from Spanish: “It’s going to rain, there’s no doubt”; Quirino Ordaz confirms cloud bombardment

Sinaloa.- Faced with the intense season of stowage that agricultural producers and some towns in the state of Sinaloa are facing due to the lack of water, the state government has enlisted a strategy with which it seeks to get the vital liquid. This was announced by Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel in an interview during the handover of the Government Building in the Tres Rios Development in Culiacan Sinaloa, where he mentioned that the bombing is expected to begin on 20 June, once the air support of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) is confirmed.
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“We are hiring and supporting with resources directly from the state to support, and the bombardment of clouds will help a lot, it starts on the 20th to be able to cause rains, it is a support of the Sedena and the Secretariat of Agriculture already confirmed with a plane of the Secretariat of National Defense, “said Quirino Ordaz.Read more : Federal Government announces inspection at San Rafael mine in Sinaloa; seeks its reactivation He stressed that this strategy is in response to the economic and agricultural impact that is being presented by the lack of water in the state, so “innovative methods” were sought, in this case the bombardment of clouds so that there is enough water.
Ordaz Coppel explained that, although the results are not immediate, in a period of “three months” a lot of rain will be seen and assured that “it will rain, there is no doubt.”

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