translated from Spanish: 87 constituents meet after an expanded call by the Spokesperson of the Peoples prior to the installation of the Convention

In total, 87 constituents met electronically, from the Spokesperson’s Offices, reserved seats for Native Peoples, the People’s List, I Approve Dignity, the List of The Approve and Non-Neutral Independents (INN).
At the meeting, the articulation that already brings together 45 members emphasized the need to address the six democratic guarantees proposed for the functioning of the Convention.
“We insist on the need to address the historic moment that we have opened as peoples and the democratic guarantees that we propose from the Spokesperson’s Office of the Peoples and the need for this discussion, regarding freedom, truth and justice, reparation, the cessation of collective expulsions, demilitarization and sovereignty; they are matters that can be called upon to discuss from the outset of this process. We hope that the installation day will be a participatory day with mobilization of the people, which can open with strength that historical process that we are facing, “emphasized Alondra Carrillo, conventional constituent of District 12.
Bastián Labbé Salazar, a conventional constituent of District 20, made a positive assessment of the meeting, and explained that “it initiates a process of autonomy and sovereignty of the Constituent Convention outside the authoritarian margins of the government of Sebastián Piñera.” “We believe that precisely this sovereign exercise will explain that from the people, social and territorial organizations we can move forward in the demands that have us in this process of transformation,” Labbé said.
The conventional constituent of District 6, Janis Meneses, added that “the political power is accustomed to excluding and taking agreements without the voice of the people, today we begin talks so that the installation of the Convention is built with our sovereign participation and not from the Executive.”
The need to have an adequate COVID-19 protocol and a system of organizing care for constituents who have this work and that is not a brake on their participation in that instance was relieved.
Constituents of reserved seats of PP. OO expressed the existence of a collective consensus in a document prepared jointly regarding the issues that should guide the body, such as the placement of emblems or flags of all indigenous peoples in the activity of assuming positions of Constituent and protocol activities.
“As the lacsiri of the Atacameña/lickanantay nation, I am open to dialogue in good faith with other constituents. We are being part of a historic moment, where first nations, independents participate in parity. Every dialogue, every step we can take on behalf of our people, allows us to move towards an inclusive plurinational constitution,” said Felix Galleguillos Aymani, Lickanantay constituent.
As indicated by the Spokesperson of the Peoples, at the meeting the representatives presented themselves and agreed on a transversal commission in charge of preparing a next self-convened call. The minutes of the meeting will be made public in the next few hours.

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