translated from Spanish: Ceviche Day: the recipe to prepare the classic of Peruvian cuisine

This Monday, June 28, is celebrated the World Ceviche Day, an emblematic dish of Peru – where it is considered cultural heritage – based on fish marinated with lemon juice and seasoned with several ingredients. To celebrate, we share the recipe of the classic Ceviche to prepare at home.

Classic ceviche. Photo: La Mar press


Mullet / sole / croaker, 800 gr
Lemons, 12 units
Chili peppers chopped, 10 units
Chopped coriander, 10 gr
Ground garlic, 5 gr 
Ice, 4 units
Purple onion in feather, 120 gr
Cooked sweet potato 1 unit
Salt, quantity needed

How it prepares
Peel and cut the sweet potato into slices and reserve. Then, cut the fish into cubes and season with salt, garlic, coriander and chili pepper. Mix for a few seconds and let stand for a minute. Then, add the ice and squeeze the lemon on the preparation previously made, mix and let marinate for 1 minute. Add the onion in pen and mix. Let stand for one more minute. Remove the ice and serve on a deep plate, distributing the liquid in all dishes. Accompany with two slices of sweet potato and decorate with some coriander leaves and a few slices of chili pepper.* Recipe from the restaurant La Mar

Original source in Spanish

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