translated from Spanish: PES condemns Gilberto Mejia, candidate elected to presidency of Penjamillo

Morelia, Michoacan.- This Wednesday the National President of the Solidarity Encounter Party (PES), Hugo Eric Flores, met with the candidates elected to different positions that won the last elections on June 6.
 Accompanied by the state leaders of this political institute, Flores Cervantes celebrated each vote obtained by the PES candidates since they had to compete, not only against the PRI or the PAN, but against Morena.
Eric Flores lamented that political violence has permeated in such a way that crime has lifted gilberto Mejia Salgado, elected candidate for the municipal presidency of Penjamillo, Michoacan.
 “We stand in solidarity with the family of our colleague and friend, Gilberto Mejia, and we hope that he will soon return home in good health,” for whom he asked for a minute of applause for his courage.
 During this meeting he said that in the PES “we are going to fight until the last instance” to defend the vote of every Mexican who trusts in this political project.
“We are 15 tenths of the record, less than 60 thousand votes to keep our record. If that happens we will have a parliamentary group in San Lázaro. We’re going to die at the line,” he said.
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In his message to the next governors and legislators, he said that the PES is working on financial and social diagnoses and strategies so that our deputies, as well as municipal presidents, govern well.
 “We want resources to address the main needs of citizens, for people to see that our governments are different from everyone else,” was the commitment he called for. 
 He assured the citizens that our party is not standing idly by, it will be responsible for the good performance of its elected candidates and there will be a tangible change in terms of transparency which will be the signature of our governments.

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