translated from Spanish: Ramiro Bueno, the son of “El Potro”: his new life following in his father’s footsteps

21 years after the death of Rodrigo Bueno, his son Ramiro continues his steps in music but not with the quartet but does trap and hip hop. The young man visited Cortá for Lozano and in an intimate interview with the driver Veronica Lozano talked about his present. However, the visit to the program was scheduled three weeks earlier but when Ramiro arrived at the channel and had the express swab to enter, he tested positive for coronavirus. Whereof, he had to return home and isolate himself for two weeks.

When Lozano asked him what had happened the day he reached the door of the canal but had to return and isolate himself at home, Ramiro said: “It was very crazy because I was asymptomatic. I arrived that day that I was going to come here to the studio, they do the swab by protocol, something that they do every week to me in the laburo also and I arrive, they do it and positive. On top of that I made the canchero: ‘I come undefeated, I don’t know what, take, positive’. I had no symptoms of anything. I then went to a testing center and it came back positive. I had a good time, with no symptoms luckily.”
Regarding his current life, he said: “I’m in a moment too full, between the laburo, the faculty and music. I have everything a little bit. At 6 in the morning I am upstairs because I work in a vaccination unit in Villa Crespo. I work as an administrator: I’m the one with the computer next to the nurse when they apply the vaccines and something very funny happens to me when people recognize me. They always show me a lot of affection and tell me about my dad,” said Betty Olave’s grandson.
In addition, Ramiro is pursuing a Degree in Audiovisual Communication at the University of San Martín. “It’s the graduate of my sports journalist degree,” he said. “And when I can I make music. So I’m doing everything a little bit,” he said.
And he did not avoid referring to his remembered father when Lozano asked him if he had it present in his day-to-day life. “My dad is always present. It shocks me to think that 21 years have passed and people live it as if it were yesterday, with so much love, so much affection. To this day I get a lot of love from that and I always appreciate it. That’s the best thing left of him,” he said excitedly. My dad shows up at certain times in my life. With his music especially. For example, something good happens to me and a song of his appears playing. They are like signs. I have him in mind, I consume his music a lot and I feel not only that musical connection but I miss him and I am happy with that musical bond with him”, he concluded in memory of his father.

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