translated from Spanish: “It’s not about bugs”, Nuevo Leon’s campaign to prevent Covid-19

Nuevo León.- Covid-19 cases continue to increase in Nuevo León, and given the little intention that young people make by following the prevention measures against Covid-19, the Secretary of Health of the state has issued a campaign aimed especially at this sector of the population.” It does not use blankets, it is not of bugs, “shared the Ministry of Health of the entity as part of its awareness campaign to have the attention of young people.
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While the term “Bichota” was born in Puerto Rico and is used to refer to a high-ranking drug trafficker or a senior position and in this case a high-ranking woman. Read more: PHOTOS: Families lose everything to floods in Zapopan, JaliscoIn Mexico on the other hand was popularized by Puerto Rican singer, Karol G who in October 2020 broke the nets with her hit “Bichota” where she talks about partying and some excesses. However Karol G herself has clarified the word bug refers to an empowered woman, who is in control of everything and does not match anyone.

The post received good reviews

After its publication, the image received many comments, mostly from young people who took with joy the peculiar call of the Ministry of Health of Nuevo León to raise awareness among young people. While other users dismissed the government of Nuevo Leon as unserious, accusing that “that is why the recommendations are not taken seriously,” which in turn has led to an increase in infections.

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