translated from Spanish: ShowMatch: Noelia Marzol will replace Deborah Plager at the pipe dance

A few weeks after being a mom Noelia Marzol joins The Academy of ShowMatch to replace Deborah Plager for the only time in the next rhythm: the dance of the pipe. While some versions say that the journalist will not be able to be part of this rhythm because of an injury she suffered during rehearsals, others claim that it is an agreement by which from the beginning she signed in her contract that she would not be part of the dance of the pipe.

The rumor was confirmed in Los Angeles de la Mañana where Yanina Latorre pointed out without turning: “This is by contract. Before it starts I said I don’t dance it.” “What a rhythm,” the driver wanted to know, to which his little angel replied bluntly: “The pipe.”
Latorre provided his point of view on the measure that the journalist arranged with the production of the cycle and disagreed: “This sets a precedent. Whoever they call, if there’s a beat you don’t like… I don’t like to sing, if they call me I say I don’t sing and chau,” he said. Along those lines, he added: “Look at the bank, I love it, but for me this zero. Mrs. Deborah Plager is not going to dance the pipe because she has it signed by contract. Who are you,” Yanina finished while Angel remarked his position: “Disaster,” he said.

After her analysis Latorre revealed who is the former participant of the cycle and talented dancer who will be in charge of dancing instead of Plager: “Do you know who replaces her, on top? The queen of the pipe, Noelia Marzol. Look what a fool to choose from,” Yanina closed with irony.

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