translated from Spanish: Vaccine effectiveness in Chile falls against symptomatic covid, but remains for more serious outcomes

Rafael Araos, advisor to the Ministry of Health and former head of the Epidemiology Department of the division, today presented a study on the effectiveness of the vaccination program against SARS-Cov-2 in the country. The report looked at vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Chile between February 2, 2021 and July 7, 2021, with vaccines from Sinovac, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, and measured effectiveness against symptomatic COVID, hospitalization, admission to intensive care units and death. Araos explained that all vaccines showed a decrease in their effectiveness against symptomatic covid, but that it remains against the most serious outcomes of the disease. “It is likely to achieve memory and if it is activated (covid), the body can react faster and generate antibodies,” he said. The Minsal advisor said that this decrease in effectiveness over time in the face of contracting the virus “are not surprising” and indicated that the way to measure effectiveness does not allow to determine what the results of the drugs against the Delta variant are. Of the study, in addition, the advisor of the Minsal indicated that the figures may also be influenced by the amount of population that is vaccinated with the 2 doses of each of the drugsAs well, the three drugs presented the following results of effectiveness. In parentheses is the total number of vaccinated with two doses at the time of the study cut:Sinovac/Coronavac (5,874,784): Symptomatic Covid: 58.49%Hospitalization 86.02%ICU admission: 89.68%Deaths: 86.38%Pfizer (1,448,042): Symptomatic Covid: 87.69%Hospitalization 97.15%%ICU admission: 98.29%%Deaths: 100%AstraZeneca (2,720):Symptomatic Covid: 68.68%Hospitalization: 100%ICU admission: 100%Deaths: 100%

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