translated from Spanish: Governor of Guanajuato backs Prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa

Guanajuato .- Governor Diego Sinhue Rodriguez Vallejo endorsed his support for State Prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa, who is being investigated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) and despite the fact that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador himself asked to be removed from his post.   The prosecutor has the confidence, he was appointed by Congress,” said the current governor of Guanajuato. The president also said that just last year he met businessman Rodriguez Vallejo, who has the bank accounts congenerated by an investigation by the UIF and who allegedly has ties to the State Prosecutor.” What they told me is that there were no elements against Zamarripa, and that they are going to investigate more people, and then go ahead, let them investigate,” the PAN governor told national media. Diego Sinhue reported that he is looking for a meeting with the president of Mexico to discuss the issue, but he has not specified anything so far. Today I had a meeting with the Generals, with everyone at the security table, and we have already had 710 fewer homicides compared to the same period last year,” he argued. In zamarripa’s 12 years as prosecutor of Guanajuato, violence has skyrocketed in the state; that is why the head of the Executive of Mexico asked that he be removed from the post, according to information published by the Agency ReformaRead more: Nine people are caught in possession of an arsenal in Magdalena de Kino, SonoraGuanajuato is one of the states with the most violence and for quite some time and it is not possible that there is no improvement especially in the case of homicides and the Attorney General of Guanajuato has been for 12 years. It’s not possible. If I were a manager of a company, they would have run it by now,” López Obrador said on July 16. I was seconds away from dying on hemodialysis: IMSS patients in Los Mochis

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